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Nova Hand Dryers


Nova Hand Dryers

In these days of advertising hype and false promises, wouldn’t it be refreshing to find high-quality, reliable products that offer great value at fair prices? That’s exactly what you’ll get with a Nova® hand dryer. Here’s a look at just some of the many benefits they offer:

  • A wide range of models to fit every need and budget. For example, the Nova 1 is extraordinarily well priced and offers great features, like a thermally protected 7500 RPM motor, an infrared sensor, and adjustable voltage settings from 100 to 240 VAC. Our other Nova® dryers each offer their own unique combination of benefits.
  • The health and sanitation benefits that come from getting rid of paper towel waste. Say goodbye to bulky towel shipments that take up huge amounts of space in your storage room! Never worry again about running out of towels and leaving workers or customers with wet hands. Best of all, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not having germ-laden mounds of used towels festering in your waste cans and restroom floors.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something good for the environment. Did you know that it can take two trees to produce a single roll of paper towels? Even worse, used towels cannot be recycled. This makes them a waste of timber and manufacturing capacity, resources that could better be used for other purposes.
  • The superior level of customer service you’ll enjoy when you order from Allied Hand Dryers. You’ll get free shipping to anywhere in the United States, the best possible price, and full support from our trained staff if you have questions or concerns. Plus, every Nova® hand dryer comes with a multi-year warranty.

Add up all the benefits and it becomes clear that buying Nova® dryers from Allied is a smart move. Place your order today.