ADA Compliant Hand Dryers

Do You Know the Basics about ADA Hand Dryers?

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The ADA and Hand Dryers: What You Need to Know

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lists several requirements for hand dryer choice and installation. Fortunately, these rules are straightforward and easy to understand. Here’s a breakdown of what they say:

  • Dryers should be one-hand operable using no more than five pounds of force.
  • Their color should stand out from the surrounding wall, allowing the visually impaired to see them easily.
  • If there is only one dryer, then its start button should be located 38 to 40 inches above the floor. This rule does not apply to automatic hand dryers.
  • If there are two or more ADA hand dryers, then one should have its start button located 38 to 40 inches above the floor, and the others should have start buttons between 40 and 48 inches from the floor. As before, this rule does not apply to automatic dryers.
  • The floor in front of the dryer should have a minimum of 30 by 48 inches of free space to allow room for wheelchairs.
  • A single dryer should be easily approachable from both the left and right side for those in wheelchairs. If there are two or more dryers, then they should be accessible from alternating left- and right-hand sides by wheelchairs.

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