American Global GX Series

Global GX Hand Dryers

If you’ve been looking for new hand dryers for your facility, then you already know that each brand claims to be the best. But if it’s real value you’re after, then you won’t go wrong with American Dryer’s Global GX series. Made to last and priced to sell, these products offer great benefits like these:

  • Durable construction with one-piece steel exteriors.
  • Button-free operation, thanks to microprocessor-controlled sensors that activate the motor when users place their hands under the unit.
  • A nichrome heating element that warms air to a comfortable level, yet operates in an ideal temperature range for maximum life.
  • Rugged design for high-use locations with durable components and sturdy construction.
  • Made in the USA

To show how much the Global GX series dryers can save your budget versus paper towels, consider this: 800 cases of paper towels used over an 11-month period will set your organization back around $24,000. During that same time, the operating costs for a Global GX series dryer will be about $2,400, based on average utility costs for the US. It’s easy to see how hand dryers are an excellent, money-saving option you can’t afford to pass up.

Above and beyond saving money, hand dryers offer many hygienic benefits as well. Studies show that both unused and wet paper towels are home to disease-causing germs. These potentially deadly microbes could make your workers, clients, and customers ill. Why take that chance, especially when you consider the other benefits hand dryers provide?

When you purchase your new Global GX series dryers from Allied today, you’ll enjoy free same-day shipping to all 50 states along with our famous, lowest-price guarantee. So place your order now either online or by calling our toll-free number.