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American Specialties Inc (ASI) Hand Dryers

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Since 1961, American Specialties Inc has delivered quality, long-lasting products to the American people. 

All Around Efficiency

Many ASI hand dryer models such as the Roval collection are GreenSpec® and LEED certified. The purpose of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification system is to help ensure the environmental viability of construction projects, especially in energy saving capabilities and resource preservation. Most American Specialities products not only function with the environment in mind, but they were build that way as well. 

Most ASI hand dryers are at least 95% stainless steel, which means American Specialties Inc hand dryers:

  • Are 100% recyclable
  • Contain between 65–70% recycled materials
  • Have no holes or gaps that might breed bacteria, thus eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Built-in corrosion resistance, meaning there is no need for a harmful coating
  • Strong and durable with guaranteed service warranties

Allied: The Best Vendor for Ordering your ASI Hand Dryers

For nearly three decades, Allied has been serving the business community and the public by providing the very best hand dryers on the market backed by ironclad warranties, a low-price guarantee, and superior customer service. As a trusted ASI hand dryer distributor, Allied can provide free same-day shipping to all 50 states for your new American Specialties hand dryer today. Use our handy online form or call our toll-free number right away.