10 Organizations That Can Benefit From Having a Commercial Baby Changing Station

Virtually any facility can benefit from installing a commercial baby changing station. To see what we mean, here’s a look at 10 different types of organizations and the advantages that each can enjoy from having diaper stations on-site.

10 Organizations That Need Diaper Stations

  1. Anyone who runs a department store or specialty merchandiser knows that parents of young children make up a large segment of the U.S. population. These people spend billions of dollars yearly. What’s more, they appreciate the convenience and safety offered by a commercial baby changing station. It’s important to realize this fact, because your competition certainly does.
  2. Family restaurants are a natural destination for parents with little ones. Of course, when you combine small children and food—well, we all know what can result. That’s why having a commercial baby changing station in each of your restrooms makes so much sense. Your diners will love that you’re thinking of them, and that’s a tip for success you can take to the bank.
  3. Medical and dental clinics are filled with people at both ends of the age spectrum. This includes children young enough to need the convenience that only a commercial baby changing station can provide. Why not install these units in your public restrooms? Your patients will thank you.
  4. When the family car needs service, it’s natural to seek out the services of a qualified auto mechanic. Of course, when parents can’t find a babysitter, they have little choice but to bring their kids with them. Providing these customers with a commercial baby changing station is a sure-fire way to build repeat business.
  5. Parents use professional services of all types, from accounting offices to family counseling. As often as not, mom and dad have to bring their small children to these appointments. So why not install a commercial baby changing station in each of your restrooms? It’s an ideal way to create customer goodwill.
  6. If you run a public or private school, then you know that parent-teacher conferences are part of the average workday. Adding a commercial changing table to your restroom facilities can improve everyone’s mood, helping these meetings go more smoothly.
  7. Speaking of education, more and more parents are attending college these days. Some are trying to finish their degrees, while others are picking up marketable job skills to increase their earning power. Occasionally, they may bring their little ones with them, making a commercial baby changing station a welcome addition to your campus facilities.
  8. Churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship are great places for bringing families together. Adding a commercial baby changing table to your restrooms is not only highly affordable, it’s a practical way to minister to others.
  9. Government agencies draw all types of people to their locations. Some are seeking public assistance, others are applying for building permits, and still others may be looking for employment. Many of these fine folks are parents with little ones to tend to—the kind of people who could benefit from access to a commercial baby changing station.
  10. Zoos, museums, home improvement centers, warehouse clubs, bookstores, wholesalers, nonprofit foundations, movie theaters, fine arts venues, amusement parks, and many, many more—the list of facilities that could benefit from installing a commercial baby changing station is nearly endless.

No matter what type of facility you own or manage, consider adding these products to your restrooms. And, when choosing the right vendor, remember that Allied offers advantages like fast shipping, low prices, and a user-friendly website. Browse our selection and place your order today. For more information, please contact us.

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