6 Common Misconceptions About Wall Mounted Baby Changing Stations

We’ve been in the restroom fixture business for quite a while, and in that time, we’ve heard every myth in the book, especially about wall mounted baby changing stations. We’ve heard they’re unattractive, take up too much space, and are breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria and diseases.

It’s time we break down those misconceptions and separate fact from fiction. Here are some of the most common myths we’ve heard to date:

They’re ugly.

As with any product, wall mounted baby changing stations come in all sizes and styles. Choose the color, material, and design that best fits your room’s aesthetic.

They’re space-hogging.

Though some changing stations can eat up their fair share of real estate, recessed models actually don’t take up that much space. Installed directly into the wall, they cut down on the square footage used and keep walkways clear and open.

They’re havens for bacteria and viruses.

Many changing stations are made with bacteria-resistant materials and boast antimicrobial properties. This keeps them clean and sanitary for your customers — and your restroom in general.

They’re expensive.

You can find a quality wall mounted baby changing station for as little as $140. For a product that adds immense convenience for hundreds or even thousands of customers a year, that’s a pretty small investment.

They’re hard to clean and care for.

Most baby changing stations are made of a textured, easy-to-clean material that’s resistant to dirt and grime buildup. You can also purchase sanitary liners for just a few dollars to keep your stations clean after each individual use.

They’re unnecessary.

This is the worst misconception yet. Unless you know for a fact that none of your customers are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even babysitters, a baby changing station is a must in your restroom — unless you want to alienate an entire segment of potential clients!

The truth is simple: wall mounted baby changing stations are a must-have in this day and age. Don’t have one? Not sure about the quality of your current one? Contact us today for advice. We’ll help you find the perfect changing station for your facility — and we’ll even ship it for free.

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