A Guide to Buying a Baby Changing Station

A Guide to Buying a Baby Changing Station

Allied Hand Dryer and Baby Changing Stations have been around since 1988, and joined the Internet in 2006. Our goal is to provide a wide in-stock selection of hand dryers and baby changing stations. We offer baby changing stations by the world’s top brands, including Koala, World, and AHD changing stations. What do you need to know before buying a changing station for your store, restaurant, or other facility?

A baby changing station provides parents with a practical, convenient place to change diapers; it’s an important customer service initiative that encourages parents to remain in a business rather than leave to attend to their children. Our industry-leading Koala changing stations are designed to mount to the wall of a restroom or dressing room stall. The child protection seat offers a convenient place for infants or toddlers to sit while parents use a business' facilities. We carry many models of Koala baby changing stations, both vertical and horizontal, with stainless steel or polyethylene exteriors.


Each diaper changing station is made of high-density polyethylene, which resists odors and bacteria growth, eliminates sharp corners, and cleans easily. Depending on your chosen model, the exterior might be polyethylene or stainless steel, but all interiors are Microban® infused polyethylene for maximum anti-microbial protection.

Most baby changing stations can withstand static loads up to 200 pounds with minimal deflection—no need to worry about applying pressure when opening and closing the unit! The concealed pneumatic gas shock mechanism lifts the door from the open position, then slows its closing motion to prevent trapping fingers.

All of our baby changing stations are manufactured in the U.S.A. Koala baby changing stations offer an array of exterior color/finish choices, so you’ll be sure to find an attractive model that is suitable for your décor. Each diaper changing station requires less than 2 square feet of wall space, and only protrudes four to six inches from the wall when closed. The compact, slim profile of each diaper changing station saves room in your restroom.

The bed has a smooth concave area with a nylon safety strap and two hooks for bags or purses. For added protection, none of the stations have sharp corners or exterior hardware. Most units also have a built-in liner dispenser, which holds between 25 and 50 liners. These liners can help increase the cleanliness and sanitation of your station.


All of our Koala baby changing stations are designed to be surface-mounted. The bed of each station is secured to a back plate with a concealed, full-length steel-on-steel hinge. For added safety, no hinge structure is exposed on interior or exterior surfaces. Each station is shipped with 11-gauge steel mounting plates and the necessary mounting hardware. The unit complies with ADA regulations when properly installed; mounting instructions will be included with your unit. Safety instructions are displayed in four to six languages on the baby changing station.


Each changing station has a built-in diaper bag hook, safety belt and liner dispenser, which holds 25-50 liners, which are 3-ply and biodegradable. The safety straps on some changing stations extend over shoulders and between legs for extra security. We also carry liner dispensers and liners for your unit. Whether you need a low cost unit like the World, starting at $120 with free shipping, or you prefer the Koala, starting at $153 with free shipping, you will find we carry all the top brands in stock and ready to ship. Our competitively priced Koala systems also come in stainless steel varieties.

Allied Benefits

When you shop with Allied, you’re guaranteed the lowest price, immediate free shipping to all 50 states (and free same-day shipping to the 48 contiguous states), first-class customer service and trust. All of our diaper changing stations are backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship, or a 5-year replacement warranty against vandalism. In addition, you have our money-back guarantee—if you find a lower price online, we’ll refund you double the difference!

Having a baby changing station in your restroom will make it easy and comfortable for your customers with babies.

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