A Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station Is Perfect for Men’s Bathrooms

You already know that a wall mounted baby changing station is a common sight in most public ladies’ bathrooms. But did you know that more and more locations are installing these useful products in men’s bathrooms as well? Business owners and facility managers have discovered the many benefits to their organizations that come from this smart practice. The advantages include:

• Improved customer goodwill. Parents with young kids appreciate any gesture that makes their lives easier, such as offering a wall mounted baby changing station to moms and dads alike. And as you know, grateful clients and shoppers are more likely to recommend your location to friends and family. This can give you the kind of positive publicity that money alone could never buy.

• Increased business. Anyone who has ever raised a child knows that diaper duty takes priority over everything else. This can either drive shoppers from your location or keep them in it, depending on whether a wall mounted baby changing station is close by. When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see how this tiny investment can reap big rewards for your bottom line.

• Peace of mind. As you may have heard, new legislation requires a wall mounted baby changing station in restrooms for both genders. While this act is not yet universal in scope, observers believe it will eventually be the law of the land everywhere. Installing these helpful products in all your bathrooms now gives you one less thing to worry about later. It also helps you stay ahead of the curve, which translates to a competitive advantage over short-sighted competitors.

For all these reasons and more, you can see why installing a wall mounted baby changing station in your men’s restrooms makes a great deal of sense. But don’t overpay for these products. Order from Allied instead and enjoy added benefits like unbeatable low pricing, fast delivery, and superior customer service. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your customers.

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