Automatic Hand Dryers Are Easy to Maintain

Automatic hand dryers offer a wealth of benefits to savvy facility managers. Unlike paper towels, they require virtually no maintenance during their lifecycle. Here's what we mean:

  • Paper towels represent a never-ending expense that will drain your operating budget for as long as you use them. That's not to mention the added costs of storing, stocking, and disposing of tons of towel waste. Since paper towels cannot be recycled, they will sit in a landfill for decades, promoting the growth and spread of disease-causing microbes. Automatic hand dryers have none of these drawbacks.
  • Paper towel dispensers are made of fragile materials that are easily damaged. Impatient users might even force them open to get at the rolls. Locks break from regular use, often just soon after the dispenser is installed. When these units fail, facility managers must bear the replacement costs. On the other hand, automatic hand dryers are strong, sturdy, and are made with numerous vandal-resistant features.
  • Wet paper towels are filled with all sorts of microbes, including kinds that cause serious illnesses. They easily overflow wastebaskets and spill out onto restroom floors, where they can spread dirt, mucus, and saliva. No one knows how many cases of flu and other respiratory ailments paper towels indirectly contribute to each year. But when you consider any of the health risks involved with their use, their real cost becomes clear.

Automatic Hand Dryers: The Smart Choice

A number of scientific studies over the last few years have proven that modern warm-air hand drying beats paper towels, hands down. Here are some of the benefits automatic hand dryers offer:

  • No waste to clean up. Forget about paying a fortune to haul away mounds of paper towel waste. In fact, most of the parts in modern automatic dryers are recyclable.
  • Improved restroom hygiene. Warm-air hand drying avoids all the problems associated with soggy, germy paper towels.
  • Environmental benefits. Manufacturing hand dryers requires only a tiny fraction of the resources needed to make paper towels.
  • With all the benefits automatic hand dryers offer, don't you think it's time you kicked the paper towel habit? Browse our site and place your order today.
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