Baby Changing Stations and Accessible Restrooms: Guidelines for Compliance

Baby changing stations are perfectly compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when installed according to a few basic guidelines. This post will outline some handy steps to ensure that those with physical challenges can safely and effectively use your diaper changing facilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a high-level introduction to the topic. You should direct any specific questions you may have to an ADA-compliance specialist or other qualified professional.

Quick Facts About the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, forbids private employers, government agencies, employment services, and unions from discriminating against persons with physical or mental handicaps in terms of employment. It also requires certain types of private and public entities to make “reasonable accommodations” for these same individuals.

Owners and managers of publicly accessible facilities are tasked with ensuring compliance with the ADA. Some of these strictures are more exacting than others. For example, the ADA lays down firm guidelines for restroom fixtures such as toilet stalls and washroom basins. Rules for baby changing stations, however, are more flexible.

Baby Changing Stations and the ADA

  • Workers should place baby changing stations so that restroom patrons, including those in wheelchairs, should have no trouble maneuvering around the units whether or not they are in use at the time. The easiest way to accomplish this is to mount baby changing stations a reasonable distance away from sinks, hand dryers, and personal item dispensers.
  • Workers should install baby changing stations with a minimum distance of 27 inches from the bottom of the open unit to the floor.
  • The station should have a maximum 34 inch height from the top of the open changing surface to the floor.
  • Remember, the ADA’s purpose is to make life easier for those with physical disabilities. By following the guidelines suggested in this post, you can help ensure that all those who use your baby changing stations are able to do so easily.

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