Best Automatic Hand Dryer (2018)

Energy-efficient hand dryers are seemingly everywhere, from the workplace to restaurants, but not all automatic hand dryers are created equal. The best auto hand dryers have a range of updated features from green technology to motion sensing. Choosing the right auto dryer doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, we’ll take a look at one automatic hand dryer that could arguably claim the title.

The OAK High-Speed Hand Dryer is manufactured by Alpine Industries and stands out as a vertical, hand-in dryer. This energy-efficient automatic hand dryer features ultra-fast drying time of 8 to 10 seconds and the large opening ensures a totally touch-free experience. The high-tech designs allow excess water to drain into the unit, reducing hazards posed by standing water on the floor. The drain receptacle is removable so the unit can be easily cleaned. The user can also determine the drying cycle, even though the unit dries hands in just a few seconds. The OAK bathroom hand dryer comes with an integrated HEPA filter which purifies the air on intake and contributes to a cleaner indoor environment. The OAK’s heating element can be enabled or disabled based on user preferences and the unit uses low voltage for even more cost savings and energy efficiency.

The unit’s exterior is made of durable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate that resists damage and discourages vandalism. The OAK automatic hand dryer can be installed two ways: traditional installation and plug and play. This versatility allows you to use the OAK automatic dryer as soon as you unbox it. Additionally, the OAK complies with ADA accessibility requirements and is CE Certified in both the United States and Canada. Each OAK dryer includes Alpine Industries’ 5-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. With so many great features, it’s easy to see why the OAK is among the best hand dryers in 2018.

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