Brand Feature: American Advantage Hand Dryer

The American Advantage hand dryer is a true workhorse. If you’re looking for a solid, dependable, attractive hand dryer to free your organization from the never-ending expenses of paper towels, then you won’t go wrong with the American Advantage line. They come with great features like these:

  • Heavy-duty 1/8 hp motors with built-in thermal protection for years of trouble-free use.
  • Powerful, energy-efficient Nichrome heating elements.
  • Universal voltage settings for easy adaptability to any location’s wiring.
  • Available in your choice of attractive finishes: steel white epoxy, stainless steel, satin steel chrome, white ABS, or steel black graphite.
  • Vandal-resistant screws to prevent tampering.
  • Smart sensor automatically shuts off unit when not in use.
  • Made in the USA.

American Advantage Hand Dryer Versus Paper Towels: Here Are the Facts

Studies agree that modern warm-air hand drying beats paper towels all the way when it comes to economy, hygiene, and environmental benefits. Here’s what we mean:

  • Institutions that use American Advantage hand dryers save up to 95 percent when compared to the continuous costs of buying, stocking, and disposing of paper towels.
  • Scientists have found that used paper towels can contain millions of disease-causing microorganisms, including the kind that cause staph infections, influenza, and dysentery. Imagine hundreds of these mucous-encrusted towels flowing out of your wastebaskets and onto your restroom floor. Could there be a more ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish?
  • Paper towel manufacturers cut down tens of thousands of trees and use millions of gallons of water each year in making their products. This is a waste of environmental resources that could otherwise be used for better purposes.
  • Modern American Advantage hand dryers are remarkably energy-efficient, costing well under a penny to run per operating cycle. Also, they’re made with a high percentage of recyclable components. Paper towels, on the other hand, are a non-recyclable commodity that will fester in your local landfills for years and years to come.

So browse our site and order your new American Advantage hand dryer today. Your budget and your clients will thank you.

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