Brand Feature: American Advantage Hand Dryers

American Advantage hand dryers represent a revolution in modern hand drying technology. Warm-air hand drying has always offered advantages over expensive, old-fashioned paper towels. But with the advent of the American Advantage series, this method takes a quantum leap forward. Here are just a few reasons to add these products to your restrooms:

  • Universal voltage settings. The Advantage AD series is compatible with any type of voltage ranging from 100-240 V. This makes it ideal for most buildings.
  • Vandal-resistant features. With shielded air intake vents, tamper-resistant screws, and a rugged exterior, American Advantage hand dryers can stand up to heavy-duty use and even abuse.
  • Smart sensor technology. These units automatically turn on as soon as users put their hands in position. There's no need for a germ-laden, unreliable pushbutton for activation.
  • Comfortable air temperature. The American Advantage series heats air to 120°, making these products a delight to use.
  • Powerful motors. They use a 1/8 hp, 4800 RPM unit that generates plenty of drying air, yet is whisper-quiet during operation.
  • Attractive appearance. You'll be proud to have American Advantage products in your restrooms. These dryers come in a variety of appealing finishes, including white, black graphite, stainless steel, and satin chrome.
  • Peace of mind. Each dryer is backed by a five-year limited warranty that includes same-day parts replacement and factory repair.
  • Compact dimensions. At 10.125" x 9.375" x 5. 5/8", the American Advantage line takes up minimal wall space in your facility.

Allied: Creating Partners, Not Just Customers

Our approach to business is a little different than our competitors'. We don't want to just sell products. We want to create long-term partnerships with our clients. This philosophy underlies everything we do. It's why we offer our famous price-match guarantee. It's why we ship across the United States at no added cost. And it's why we're always glad to answer your questions and address your concerns. So browse our site, and order your new American Advantage hand dryers or other products today.

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