Does Your Men’s Restroom Need Baby Changing Stations?

It makes good business sense to put baby changing stations in both your men’s and ladies' restrooms. Here’s why we say that:

  • The American family has gone through some amazing changes over the last 50 years or so. Nowadays, two-income household are the norm, most mothers have careers, and both parents share in the child-rearing tasks, including diaper duty.
  • Parents with young kids are grateful for anything that makes life less stressful and more convenient. This includes having access to a safe, hygienic baby changing station. When parents feel appreciated, they’re more likely to spend money in your establishment, rather than your competitor’s.
  • Consider how many parents come into your location on a monthly basis, and it’s easy to see how installing a baby changing station in all your restrooms can make a real impact on your bottom line.
  • Thanks to Allied’s industry contacts and volume selling, we can sell affordable baby changing station models to any organization that wants them. These products are made to exacting standards set by a host of public and private regulatory agencies, so you can feel good about having them in your establishment.
  • Add it all up, and it’s easy to see why investing in a baby changing station for each restroom makes plenty of sense. Not only is it a smart move money-wise, it’s also the right thing to do for your valued clients.

When you do business with Allied, you get the added perks that come with being our customer. These include:

  • Our famous price-match guarantee. We will meet or beat any web-based competitor’s price on any item we sell, every time.
  • Super-fast shipping. Most orders go out the same they’re placed.
  • Excellent customer care that will have you feeling good about using us.

So browse our site and see for yourself the many outstanding baby changing stations and other products we offer.

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