Five Upscale Restroom Hand Dryers and Their Features

Upscale restroom hand dryers are a great choice for image-conscious establishments that are willing to pay a little more for added benefits from their products. In this post, we’ll list five of our premium models, plus a rundown of their advantages:

• Exceptional economy of operation. These units are designed to provide the most drying power for the least expenditure of energy.

• Focused drying environment. Each of these units is ergonomically designed to enhance a comfortable, space-efficient environment, focusing its air drying power while providing an optimal hand drying experience.

• Eye-catching design that will flatter your restroom’s appearance. These upscale restroom hand dryers were designed not only for efficiency but also for aesthetic appeal. You’ll love how they complement your decor.

• Competitive pricing. It may sound strange to hear that we can offer these upscale restroom hand dryers at an affordable cost, but that’s one of the primary advantages of relying on Allied for your commercial restroom products. Our industry connections and volume purchasing enable us to sell high-end products at remarkably low prices.

        With that in mind, here’s a look at five superior upscale restroom hand dryers we carry:

        1. Dyson AirBlade DB. This unit offers touch-free infra-red activation, fast 12 second drying times, a built-in wastewater container and a powerful yet economical motor the dries hands comfortably while minimizing your utility costs.

        2. Dyson AirBlade Tap. This product offers the ultimate in space efficiency by situating the drying vents in the same unit as the faucet. The user can literally wash and dry their hands in the same spot, eliminating the spread of potentially hazardous waste water across your restroom facilities.

        3. World Dryer VMax. This product features an exceptionally spacious hand drying area, a built-in a HEPA filter, whisper-quiet operation and built-in antimicrobial properties. The result is a superior drying experience unmatched by lesser products.

        4. Mitsubishi Jet Towel. This product dries hands in an average of 10 seconds while maintaining noise levels at or below 61 decibels. It features an attractive charcoal and silver finish and easy installation by any trained electrician.

        5. Toto HDR120. With a 208 mile-per-hour airspeed, a tray to catch wastewater, a compact design and ultra-low noise levels, this product offers all the features you would expect in upscale restroom hand dryers for a surprisingly low price.

                When you order your upscale restroom hand dryers from Allied, you’ll enjoy fast, free shipping to all US addresses, friendly customer service and our unbeatable low price guarantee. Browse our site and place your order today, or contact us for more information.

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