High Speed Hand Dryer vs. Paper Towels: Which is Best?

High Speed Hand Dryer vs. Paper Towels: Which is Best?

A high-speed hand dryer is, without a doubt, the most effective, economical, and sanitary way to dry wet hands. This has been proven by a host of studies that compare the two methods. However, while these facts are readily available on the Internet, some confusion about the issue still exists.

Here are the facts:

  • Every time someone uses paper towels to dry their hands in one of your restrooms, it costs you about one cent per sheet. When you consider that most people use multiple sheets, it’s easy to see that these costs can quickly add up. On the other hand, operating the average high-speed hand dryer uses less than 1/10th of one cent of power.
  • Paper towels soak up all the germs and impurities on the user’s hand. This can include mucus, toxic chemicals, phlegm, and germs like E. coli and staph. These dangerous substances stay within the towel over the long-term, mixing with other pathogens in your wastebaskets. And, of course, it doesn’t take long for those cans to overflow, pouring their infected contents all over your floors.
  • Paper towels can’t be recycled, so they must be dumped in landfills. There they will fester for years, sometimes not far from the source that provides your family’s drinking water. You’ll have none of these problems when you use a high-speed hand dryer.

While the above facts are beyond dispute, a handful of misleading web pages still claim that paper towels are better than dryers. However, the sources these sites use have a weakness: they never mention which hand dryer model was used in their tests.

Don’t confuse today’s high-speed hand dryer units with antiquated products built decades ago. Modern dryers are marvels of efficiency and safety, drying hands in a fraction of the time required by older models—and much faster than paper towels.

When you add up all the facts, the verdict is clear: a new high-speed hand dryer is the best way to provide a clean, safe hand drying method for your customers and employees without the dangers and costs involved with paper towels. So browse the great selection here on our site and place your order today. You’ll be glad you did.

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