How Quick Dry Hand Dryers Can Improve Your Business

Installing quick dry hand dryers is a great way to improve your business. Here’s why:

  • Every restroom must provide a way for its users to dry their hands. For most locations, paper towels have been the chosen solution for many years. However, paper towels have many disadvantage8s. They represent a never-ending expense. They require time and money to order, stock, restock, and dispose of. That requires resources you could be using in more profitable ways.
  • On the other hand, quick dry hand dryers are a one-time purchase that lasts for five years or more. There’s no need to keep extras on hand, dispose of soggy used products, or send mountains of germ-laden waste to your local landfill.
  • Modern quick dry hand dryers are remarkably energy-efficient, even when compared to models sold just a few years ago. They cost well under a penny to operate per cycle, making them the clear choice for smart facility managers.
  • Studies prove that used paper towels can harbor thousands of disease-causing organisms. Scientists have discovered pathogens like those that cause dysentery, influenza, and staph infections on discarded towels. These microbes will fester in your wastebaskets, in your sinks, and on your floors until removed.
  • Consider how many productive hours are lost each year due to employee illness. Doesn’t it make sense to keep your facilities as clean and hygienic as possible? Quick dry hand dryers are not a complete solution to these problems, but they are a great starting point.
  • Allied sells a wide variety of quick dry hand dryers from all leading manufacturers, in a wide range of prices, and with features to match virtually any organization’s budget.

When you look at the facts, the wise choice becomes clear. Order your quick dry hand dryers from Allied and get on the road to a safer, healthier, more cost-effective business today.

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