How the Dyson Hand Dryer AirBlade Tap Series Differs From the Rest

The Dyson hand dryer AirBlade Tap series is a new approach to hand drying. The Tap allows the user to wash and dry their hands over the same basin, eliminating the need to move from one part of the restroom to another. This offers several ground-breaking advantages over traditional dryers, including:

  • Improved restroom hygiene. The Tap’s revolutionary design minimizes the amount of slippery, germ-filled water on your restroom floors. The benefits to you include enhanced sanitation and reduced chances of an accident.
  • Higher morale and greater productivity. Your people’s performance is tied to their overall health, which comes back to the nature of the work environment. By promoting a cleaner, more germ-free facility, you prevent illnesses and infections among your employees.
  • Public relations and company image benefits. Not only is the Dyson hand dryer AirBlade Tap series hygienic, it’s also GreenSpec-approved for LEED points. There’s no better way to demonstrate your commitment to a greener, healthier environment than by investing in Dyson hand dryer AirBlade Tap Series Products.
  • The assurance and peace of mind that comes from choosing quality products. Dyson is the world leader in high-end hand drying solutions. Using their products will free you from the never-ending costs of buying, storing, and disposing of paper towels. Combine this with Dyson’s legendary reliability and multi-year warranties, and it’s easy to see why Dyson products are such a great investment.

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