How to Determine If Your Business Needs a Baby Diaper Changing Station

There’s no question that a baby diaper changing station is a great feature for any public bathroom to have. But is it absolutely necessary? Not always. If you’re not sure whether your business should invest in a changing station, we can help.

Just ask yourself these four questions:

  • 1.Who’s your clientele?
  • Do you serve customers who are moms, dads, babysitters, or caregivers? Is there a chance any of them have kids under three? If so, then a baby diaper changing station is an absolute must.
  • 2.How long are people staying at your business?
  • If customers are only at your business for five to 10 minutes, then a fully equipped restroom might not be completely necessary. But if you expect families to stick around for an hour or more? Then a changing station is necessary (children use the bathroom a lot!).
  • 3.Do you serve food and drink?
  • If your business offers food and drink — items that could potentially necessitate a trip to the restroom for a kid — then a changing station simply isn’t optional. Make sure your customers are comfortable eating, drinking, and enjoying your fare by offering them a welcoming, fully equipped bathroom.
  • 4.Are children and families welcome in your facility?
  • You can’t expect moms and dads to bring their kids around if there’s nowhere to change them, keep them clean, or stave off potential meltdowns. If you want families to enjoy spending time at your facility — and to come back for more — then a changing station is vital.

Need a Changing Station?

If you’re in need of baby diaper changing stations for your restroom, there’s no better place to shop than here at Allied. Our price-matching guarantee ensures you get the lowest possible price on the web, and with our free, same-day shipping services, your products arrive at lightning-fast speeds. Check out our selection of changing stations now, and make your order today.

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