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How Hand Dryers Promote a Hygienic Restroom


As you solidify plans to build or renovate a commercial restroom, the question of hand dryer vs. paper towels may loom large. Let us save you some inner turmoil by recommending, with considerable authority, high-speed electric hand dryers. These are the wiser option for many reasons, including—in the case of industry leader Excel Dryer’s products—hygienic benefit.


In terms of cost, there’s little to debate; switching from paper towels to Excel Dryer’s well-known XLERATOR® results in a typical 95 percent cost savings. Facilities that value sustainable practices (and what company doesn’t?) appreciate XLERATOR for the minimal energy it expends (80 percent less than conventional dryers) and for the paper waste it dramatically reduces. As for hygiene and cleanliness, Excel Dryer’s line of high-efficiency hand dryers— including the XLERATOReco® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers in addition to the original XLERATOR—has you well covered there, too. Here’s what you get when you choose to “throw in the towel.”


A cleaner restroom


First and foremost, tossing the towel means tossing the trouble it makes—and that means a lot less labor, maintenance and waste. Facilities that stock paper towels often must deal with:


  • Messes everywhere. Overflowing from trash bins, scattered on the floor or sitting soggy in sinks, paper towels can easily make a mess of a restroom. In turn, this unsightly situation can make a poor impression on patrons and guests. In a survey by Zogby International, a leading research company, more than 80 percent of consumers said they’d avoid a restaurant that had a dirty restroom. In this way, something as simple as a commercial hand dryer could help support repeat business!


  • Frequent clogs. Speaking of negative restroom impressions, a hastily made “out of order” sign would be another sure cause. The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) reports that, along with disposable seat covers, paper towels are the most common cause of clogged toilets. In addition to inconvenience and hefty plumbing bills, these clogs can cause bacteria-laden water to pool on the floor.


Hygienic design 


By replacing paper towels with a restroom hand dryer, you’re helping to promote a hygienic environment. If that dryer is from Excel Dryer’s high-speed, energy-efficient product line, you’re doing even more—because the product itself is built for good, clean hand hygiene.



No touch needed

Their sensor-activated, hands-under style allows these automatic hand dryers to get the job done with zero human contact. Less touch in the entire hand hygiene process means less chance for cross-contamination between restroom surfaces, ultimately helping reduce the spread of germs.


Germ-inhibiting features

The basic design of XLERATOR and its product-line counterparts make for a hygienic hand dryer—but their manufacturer didn’t stop there. Excel Dryer offers the industry’s most complete line of optional accessories, including extra measures of hygienic defense. For example, its HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air stream, making it a popular option. Microban® Wall Guards, made specifically to fit underneath the XLERATOR and equipped with a special antimicrobial coating, kill germs while protecting walls from water droplets. Both are sure items to consider when preparing your hand dryer spec.


Today, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to choosing the very best hand-drying solution. With the right hand dryer, your commercial restroom really can have it all.


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The most cost-effective and sustainable hand-drying solutions are also the cleanest ones. Promote a hygienic restroom with XLERATOR from Excel Dryer

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