Is a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table Safe? The Answer Is Yes

Occasionally we hear from people concerned about the safety of a wall mounted baby changing table.

Usually these concerns fall under two categories:

  • Worries about the unit’s cleanliness.
  • Concerns over its stability.
  • We’re happy to address these matters in this blog post. As you’ll see, there is no reason to worry about using a properly installed wall mounted baby changing table.

    A wall mounted baby changing table is one of the most heavily supervised products made today. A host of private and public agencies set stringent standards for their construction. All manufacturers of these products must comply with these rules. They include:

  • Mandated use of an internal steel frame with sturdy steel-on-steel hinges.
  • Inclusion of easy-to-clean, sanitary materials such as molded polyethylene throughout the product.
  • Ability to hold as much as 200 pounds while maintaining a rigid 90° angle when open.
  • Incorporation of numerous safety features, such as a curved surface for the child and a stabilizing harness for his or her added protection.
  • With all of these protections for the child and the caregiver, it’s easy to see why using a wall mounted baby changing table is both safe and convenient.

    What About Germs?

    Some people worry about the possibility of their child being exposed to disease-causing organisms on a wall mounted baby changing table. This concern is understandable. However, it’s important to remember that the materials used to construct these products are highly microbe-resistant. Plus, using a commercial diaper station is far more sanitary than the option parents were once forced to choose: changing their baby on the restroom floor or in a car. In addition, every wall mounted baby changing table we sell has storage space for sanitary liners, giving the child added protection.

    As you can see, our products provide both convenience and peace of mind for parents, and promote well-being for little ones. With all of these advantages, isn’t it time you added changing tables to your restrooms? Browse our site and place your order for your wall mounted baby changing table today, or contact us with any questions.

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