Machflow Hand Dryers

Being eco-friendly is about more than just saving the earth. Of course, we should all take steps to lessen our carbon footprint and help the environment, but green products can also offer business owners a whole slew of other benefits that can boost their bottom line, cut down on their monthly bills, and improve customer satisfaction.

Machflow hand dryers are one such eco-friendly product. A low-energy, high-efficiency commercial grade dryer, machflows come with serious advantages for their owners. These include:

  • Faster dryer times. Users enjoy a lightning-fast 10- to 15-second drying time with Machflow dryers. That means more customers in and out (and back to shopping your store) in no time.
  • Less noise. With an adjustable speed motor, you can easily adjust how much noise your dryer makes — or how little.
  • Lower operational costs. Thanks to their quick drying times and low-energy design, you’ll spend significantly less on a Machflow dryer when compared with traditional hand dryers or paper towels. Over time, this can equate to tens of thousands in savings.
  • Vandal resistance. Never worry about someone breaking or stealing your dryers again. Completely vandal-resistant, Machflow dryers protect your investment for years to come.
  • Universal voltage. Machflow hand dryers work with any level voltage without any extra electrical work or wiring. Install them anywhere in your facility with no additional cost or hassle.
  • Low power consumption. Machflow dryers use as little as 450 watts to operate. Because they’re so energy-efficient, they may be able to help qualify you for LEED credits, which is great news if you’re seeking green building certification.

Are you ready to switch your facility to more efficient, cost-effective Machflow hand dryers? Then contact us today to place your order. All dryers ship free across the continental U.S., and we happily match any price on the web. What’s there to lose? 

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