Modern Commercial Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: Which Offers the Best Deal?

Modern Commercial Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: Which Offers the Best Deal?

If you’re still using paper towels in your restrooms, then you’re missing out on the advantages offered by today’s commercial hand dryers.



Here’s what we mean:

  • Paper towels represent a never-ending cost that cash-tight organizations are shackled to indefinitely. Not only does purchasing towels cost money, but the labor costs associated with filling dispensers, replenishing stockrooms, hauling away used towels, and sending them to the landfill add to the burden your facility must bear.
  • Paper towels are among the biggest contributors to global warming. The process used to make them wastes millions of gallons of water annually, in addition to significant amounts of industrial chemicals and thousands of acres of forested land.
  • Paper towels cannot be recycled. This means they sit in landfills for decades, releasing greenhouse gasses into the air we all breathe.
  • Studies show that used paper towels contain millions of potentially harmful micro-organisms, including the germs that cause influenza and staph infections. Imagine all those damp, germ-laden towels flowing out of your wastebaskets and onto your restroom floors. Is there a more sure-fire way to spread disease in your facility and increase the number of sick employees who must take days off?
  • Studies show that towel dispensers are covered in billions of invisible life forms, all of which can easily make contact with the human body.
  • Paper towels may end up in your toilets, where they can clog pipes and create costly plumbing bills for your organization.

When you add up these factors, it’s clear that paper towels are the poorer deal all around. So make the better choice and switch to safe, modern, energy-efficient commercial hand dryers by placing your order with Allied today. You, your employees, and your customers will enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary restroom environment, and you can help prevent problems before they begin.

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