Nova Hand Dryer Parts (We Sell All Nova Parts)

Do you own a hand dryer manufactured by Nova? Have you ever wondered where to turn when you need replacement parts or upgrade kits? Consider trying nova hand dryer parts to meet your needs. Whether you’ve recently remodeled and want to modify the way the dryer is mounted or if a part has just stopped functioning as intended, Allied carries a range of parts for the most popular Nova hand dryer models.

Nova manufactures some of the best automatic and push-button hand dryers on the market. A trusted brand, Nova dryers are made with the highest quality parts that ensure years of worry-free operation. In the event your Nova dryer requires a replacement part or an upgrade kit, Allied carries a huge selection of Nova dryer parts.

Nova Automatic Dryer Parts

Nova automatic hand dryers are equipped with advanced sensor technology that not only allows for ease of use but also conserves energy, thus maximizing cost savings. All automatic Nova hand dryers include a motion-activated infrared sensor that controls the dryer’s motor as well as die-cast aluminum nozzles. All Nova replacement parts are available through Allied and information can be found on each Nova model’s description page on the Allied website.

Nova Parts Carried by Allied:

  • Sensor Circuit Assembly – Part number 16-055568K fits the Nova 2 model number 0930, 0930-79
  • Tamper-Proof Cover Wrench – Part number WDP-56-005034 fits Nova 1, 2, 4, and 5 models
  • Hand Dryer Sensor Assembly – Fits Nova 4 and 5 models and includes both circuit board and sensor parts
  • Sensor Lens Cover – Part number 30-055188K is compatible with NOVA 4 and 5 hand dryers.

If you’re unsure if a part is compatible with your Nova dryer, contact the helpful pros at Allied. We’re happy to help.


Nova Push Button Dryer Parts

In addition to auto start/stop hand dryers, Nova also manufactures push button models. These hand dryers require the user to push a button to activate the motor and heating element. The button is activated by an integrated microchip that can be adjusted based on the owner’s desired time settings. Replacement parts for Nova push button dryer models can be purchased by contacting Allied Customer Service at 1-800-535-4393.

Nova Push Button Model Parts Carried by Allied:

  • Replacement Circuit Assembly Timer – Part number 55-055625K is available for both automatic and push-button Nova models.
  • Blower Motor Assembly – Part number 32-055235, fits Nova 4 and 5 models. Contact us for part selection assistance and to place your replacement part order.
  • Tamper-Proof Cover Screw – Part number 46-006490. Consult your owner’s manual to ensure you choose the right part
  • Replacement Cover for Nova Series 2 dryers – Part number 20-059200K with a white finish over aluminum
  • Nova 2 Cover Screws – Repair part number 46-006367, a full replacement set consists of 3 screws (each screw sold individually)

Nova Recessing Kits

Many push button and automatic Nova hand dryers give owners the flexibility to flush mount them to surface areas or recess them within the wall. Just tell us the model number of your Nova hand dryer and its corresponding kit number, both of which can be found on our website. Just go to the description page for your dryer model, then click on the technical information sheet link. There, you can find specific information on the kits associated with your Nova dryer model based on surface of recessed mounting, amps, activation type (push button or auto start), as well as detailed installation instructions.

A popular Nova Recess kit is part number 37-058500, which as the following features:

  • Compatible with several Nova 5 models
  • Dryer only protrudes up to 5-7/8” from the wall once installed


Nova Hand Dryer Warranty Information

Nova is known for making the durable, long-lasting hand dryers that are designed to stand up to years of use. Each Nova dryer is eco-friendly and saves money when compared to paper towel use. All Nova hand dryers are backed by a 2 to 5-year limited warranty and a 3-year sensor warranty (for applicable models).


Order Nova Replacement Parts Directly from Allied

Whether you own an automatic or push button Nova dryer model, you can rest assured that Allied can serve all of your replacement and upgrade part needs. We strive to be your go-to for all of your automatic dryer hand dryer needs, and our skilled staff prides itself on total customer satisfaction. Our website provides you with in-depth technical data as well as key information related to proper installation and available parts. If you have specific questions not addressed on our website or you need to order parts for your Nova hand dryer, the professionals at Allied are ready to help and can be reached toll-free at 1-800-535-4393.

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