Reasons to Install an Energy-Efficient Hand Dryer in Your Facility

Reasons to Install an Energy-Efficient Hand Dryer in Your Facility

Installing an energy-efficient hand dryer in your restrooms is a great way to save money and make your facility more hygienic overall. That’s because modern hand dryers offer advantages that old-fashioned paper towels just can’t match. Here’s what we mean:

  • An energy-efficient hand dryer is a one-time purchase that lasts for years and years. Compare this to the never-ending expense of buying, storing, cleaning up, and disposing of bulky, non-recyclable paper towels. Which option makes more sense from a financial perspective?
  • An energy-efficient hand dryer from Allied is light years ahead of models made in the past. These modern units dry hands faster, using less power than ever before. This means they can serve more users in less time, helping prevent long waiting lines in your restrooms.
  • An Allied energy-efficient hand dryer frees you from the health concerns associated with paper towels. Studies show that used towels can contain millions of disease-causing organisms, including the germs that cause influenza and staph infections. Imagine thousands of soggy, mucous-filled towels overflowing your wastebaskets, littering your restroom floors, and defacing your restroom counter space. Why suffer from those health risks when an energy-efficient hand dryer from Allied is so affordable and easy to install?
  • You can choose your new energy-efficient hand dryer from a giant selection of top-quality products built by world-class manufacturers with decades of experience in the business. Combine that with our low pricing and quick delivery, and it is easy to see why the day of paper towels has long since passed.

Here at Allied, we proudly carry hundreds of energy-efficient hand dryer models from all leading companies. We also sell commercial baby changing stations and restroom accessory products. So, browse our site and place your order today for fastest delivery. We can match your organization with the energy-efficient hand dryer of your dreams.

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