Koala Recessed Baby Changing Stations

Koala Recessed Baby Changing Stations

Recessed baby changing stations make it possible for virtually any location to offer a safe, sanitary, and convenient area for caregivers to tend to infants’ needs. Unlike other models, these units require no wall mounting, only an existing restroom counter for installation. Plus, our recessed baby changing stations are built by Koala, the world leader in providing commercial diaper changing units since the 1980s.

Introducing the KB 112-01RE Countertop Station

The KB 112-01RE will allow you to give your customers new levels of convenience, assurance, and peace of mind when it comes to fulfilling diaper changing duties in your company’s restrooms. These units are installed directly onto your existing countertops to save precious wall space for other uses. They can be installed in place of, or alongside, existing washbasins. These changing stations offer the following additional benefits:

  • Wide and shallow changing area designed at just the right depth for maximum safety and caregiver convenience.
  • Included nylon safety strap enhances product security and is easy to operate. The adjustable size prevents the strap from becoming uncomfortable against an infant’s skin.
  • Built-in liner dispensers offer added convenience for users.

Installation Instructions

  • 1.Remove the recess countertop baby changing station from the packaging and inspect it for any signs of damage or defects. If you see problems with the unit, discontinue installation and contact Allied or Koala for customer support.
  • 2.Cut out a rough opening in the countertop using the enclosed template as a guide.
  • 3.Add undercounter support approximately three inches below the countertop surface. This will help to support the unit.
  • 4.Place the countertop baby changing station in the desired spot. Mark screw hole locations with a pencil and drill holes with a 1/8 inch drill bit.
  • 5.Put the unit in the counter service, screw it in place, and apply a commercial water sealant, preferably silicone-based, around the edges.
  • 6.Give the station a final visual inspection. Check the nylon strap and belt buckle to ensure that they function correctly. The unit is now ready for public use.

When you order recessed baby changing stations from Allied, you get benefits like super-fast shipping, our famous low-price guarantee, and excellent customer service. Browse our site and place your order today.

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