Choosing a Replacement HEPA Filter for Dyson Airblade AB01

Replacement HEPA Filter for Dyson Airblade AB01

Dyson is a top manufacturer of quality automatic hand dryers. Made from durable materials combined with the latest technology, each Dyson hand dryer is built to stand up to years of use.

The long filter life and superior filtration save owners both time and money, as less frequent replaces are needed. Per Dyson recommendation, HEPA filters should be swapped out annually, but if your dryer is in a high traffic area or is frequently exposed to a high level of airborne particles, the dryer’s filters may need to be replaced more often.


Top Features of Dyson HEPA Filters

Genuine Dyson hand dryer filter replacements offer extended life designed to last up to 700,000 dry cycles, and each filter uses 2-stage HEPA filtration for even more powerful filtration. Replacement Dyson hand dryer filters effectively remove 99.97% small particles in the air, further protecting your guests during use.


How to Replace Dyson HEPA Filters

Replacing each HEPA filter is a breeze. Start by removing the dryers’ cover with a tamper-proof wrench to access the filters. Then, remove both the left and right filters then replace with the new filters. Replace the cover and your Dyson dryer is ready to use again.


Allied Carries Dyson Replacement HEPA Filters

The correct filter replacement for the AB01 is filter part number AB-965280-01, and can be ordered online or by placing a call to Allied customer service. For the widest selection of Dyson AB01 replacement parts, including filters, covers, and tools, Allied is the industry’s most trusted provider. With fast and free shipping on most items, detailed spec sheets, an exclusive 1-year price match guarantee, and expert customer service, no one beats Allied when it comes to supplying all of your automatic hand dryer replacement parts.

Knowledgeable professionals are available at 800-535-4393 and ready to answer your questions and help you choose the correct replacement part for your automatic hand dryer.

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