Dyson Quiet Hand Dryer

Shh! A Comparison of Our Quiet Hand Dryer Selection

Can’t afford to have your hand dryer interrupting conversations, annoying your customers, or disrupting business? Our quiet hand dryer selection is here to help. With dozens of unique models for every need and price point, we’ve got the dryer you need to serve your customers and business best.

Here are some of our most popular quiet hand dryer options today:

American Dryer ExtremeAir

With a drying time of just 12 to 15 seconds, the ExtremeAir is one of the fastest dryers on the market. And with a sound level of only 83 decibels, it’s also one of the quietest. Lower the speed, and you can reduce the sound even more — as low as 69 dB.

American Dryer Advantage

The Advantage dryer comes in even quieter, with a sound level of just 67 decibels while operating. Throw in its 25-second drying time, automatic sensor, and energy-efficient heating element, and you’ve got an invaluable long-term investment on your hands.

Bradley Aerix 2902

The Aerix 2902 produces half the noise of its competitors, and it can go even lower by reducing the motor speed. Thanks to their universal voltage capabilities and recessed style, they’re also easy to retrofit in any existing space.

Bradley Aerix 2921

This touch-free model is as quiet as it is hygienic. With whisper-soft sound levels, lightning-fast drying times, and an energy-efficient motor, it’s a benefit to both your customers and your bottom line.

American Dryer GX-1

With a barely-heard motor and a sturdy, tamper-proof exterior, this hand dryer is perfect for public and outdoor settings. It’s also one of our most affordable quiet dryer models.


An automatic, motion sensor unit with a super-quiet brushless motor, the FastDry is easily one of our most popular reduced sound dryers. Its built-in heating element guarantees a drying time of just seconds.

Do you need recommendations for the best quiet hand dryer for your business? Get in touch with Allied today. With a price-matching guarantee and free shipping nationwide, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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