Spotlight On: ASI-20199 Hand Dryer

The ASI-20199 is one of our top hand dryers. Built by the American Specialties Corporation of New York, it offers all the features you would expect in a product of its type. Plus, by ordering your new ASI-20199 from Allied, you’ll enjoy additional benefits like fast, free shipping and our famous price-match guarantee.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of the ASI-20199:

  • Button-free operation that denies germs a gathering point.
  • Recessed mounting that saves valuable wall space.
  • Cover constructed of rugged 18-gauge 304 stainless steel.
  • Protected by a removable PVC film during shipping to prevent damage.
  • Cabinet made of anti-corrosion 20-gauge steel.
  • Internal components and exterior chassis electrically grounded for added safety.
  • Automatic cut-off prevents motor running when dryer is not in use.
  • Exterior covered in an eye-catching satin stainless steel finish, making the ASI-20199 a complement to any restroom’s décor.
  • Protected by multi-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The ASI-20199 Versus Paper Towels: The Choice Is Clear

The ASI-20199 outperforms paper towels in every measurable way. It will free your organization from the never-ending cost of purchasing, stocking, cleaning up, and disposing of paper towels. It costs well under a penny per operating cycle to run. And unlike germ-laden, mucous-encrusted paper towels, it won’t cause a sanitation nightmare in your restrooms.

When you order your new ASI-20199 dryer from Allied today, you’ll enjoy added benefits like these:

  • Fast, free shipping to all US locations. We send out most orders the same day we receive them. We use UPS exclusively for assured, problem-free delivery.
  • A giant selection from which to choose. Besides the ASI-20199, we sell a wide range of other hand dryer models from every leading manufacturer in the industry.
  • Our easy-to-browse website that makes ordering a pleasure.
  • Our price-match guarantee that ensures you’ll never overpay when you do business with Allied. If you find a lower cost for any item we sell, from any web-based vendor, then we will meet or beat it every time.

So order your new ASI-20199 or other product from Allied today.

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