Spotlight on Nova 2 Hand Dryer

It’s hard to beat the Nova 2 hand dryer when it comes to real value. We’re proud to offer these dryers to our valued customers. Plus, by ordering today, you’ll get additional benefits like free shipping and our price match guarantee.

While the Nova 2 is small on cost, it’s big on features. These include:

  • Button-free operation with a built-in infrared sensor.
  • Multi-voltage operation adapts to any building’s wiring.
  • Exterior crafted from drawn steel, with your choice of either a white epoxy or stainless steel finish.
  • Built-in heating element raises dryer temperature 70°F above the surrounding air for quick, comfortable drying.
  • Thermally protected brush-type motor spins at 7500 RPM for plenty of power.
  • Low noise level makes the Nova 2 hand dryer perfect for almost any environment, from football stadiums to libraries.
  • 30-second drying times.
  • Fully ADA-compliant when installed according to instructions.
  • Backed by manufacturer’s multi-year warranty.

The Nova 2 hand dryer is just one of the many fine products we sell. We also carry similar items from all leading manufacturers in the industry, with price and feature levels to match any location’s needs. Plus, when you do business with us, you’ll enjoy these additional perks:

  • Cost-free shipping to all U.S. destinations. We send out most orders the same day they’re received and use UPS exclusively for careful handling and speedy order fulfillment.
  • Careful packaging ensures you receive your order damage-free and ready to install.
  • Full installation and usage instructions with each unit.
  • Hands-on customer care that will pamper you both during and beyond the sale. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are happy to answer your questions, take your order, and address any concerns you may have.
  • The peace of mind that comes with using the leader of the commercial restroom accessories industry.

So browse our site and order your new Nova 2 hand dryer or other products today.

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