Spotlight on Roval 0195 Hand Dryer

This month, we’d like to focus on the Roval 0195 hand dryer. We get many requests from our customers for an effective yet affordable heated-air dryer, one that will allow them to improve restroom hygiene while freeing their budgets from the never-ending costs associated with paper towels. That’s why we’re proud to feature this superb product in our blog. The Roval 0195 hand dryer comes with great features like these:

  • Fast drying times: 30 seconds or less.
  • Button-free operation that denies germs a gathering spot.
  • Internally grounded components for protection against short circuits and electrical shocks.
  • A rugged yet attractive exterior made of durable cast-iron.
  • Focused air flow, thanks to the built-in fixed directional vanes.
  • Attaches to both drywall and masonry with included hardware.
  • The Roval 0195 hand dryer is fully ADA-compliant when installed according to instructions.
  • Back plate assembly includes vibration isolating bushings for smoother, quieter operation.
  • Compact dimensions fit in virtually any washroom.
  • Multiple voltage settings to match any building’s wiring.
  • Built by American Specialties Incorporated, one of the leaders in the commercial restroom industry.
  • Backed by a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

In short, the Roval 0195 hand dryer is a true bargain, especially when you take advantage of Allied’s unbeatable pricing and superb customer service. Order from us today, and you’ll enjoy these extra benefits:

  • Discounts on multiple orders; call or email us for all the details.
  • UPS shipping at no cost to all U.S. locations. We’re able to send out most orders the same day they’re placed.
  • Our easy-to-navigate website that lets you choose your items and place your order in almost no time at all.
  • The security of dealing with a well-established company that enjoys an excellent reputation for integrity and customer care.

So browse our site and order your new Roval 0195 hand dryer or other products today.

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