Spotlight on the Fastdry HK 1800 CA Hand Dryer

The Fastdry HK 1800CA is a budget-smart product that will make a great addition to your location. These units are priced so that virtually any organization can afford them, but packed with features you would expect to find on costlier models. Here's a closer look at the Fastdry HK 1800CA.

  • Ultra-fast drying times of 30-35 seconds. Gets your workers back to their jobs and your shoppers back to the sales floor in less time.
  • Flexible voltage settings allow easy installation in almost any building.
  • Rugged chrome-plated aluminum exterior resists vandalism, protects against moisture intrusion, and gives the Fastdry HK 1800CA a handsome appearance.
  • Automatic sensor rids the need for a germ-attracting start button.
  • Whisper-quiet motor ideal for all types of locations, including noise-sensitive facilities like nursing homes, libraries, and schools.
  • Energy-efficient design minimizes your power bills.
  • Provides over 90 percent cost savings when compared to paper towels.
  • Helps to promote a healthier, more sanitary environment.
  • UL listed for added safety and peace of mind.
  • Backed by five-year manufacturer's warranty.

With new Fastdry HK 1800CA dryers, you'll enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Our legendary price-match guarantee. You always get the lowest cost of any Internet-based merchant when you buy from us. But should you find a less expensive cost on any item we sell, anywhere on the web, then we will match or beat it every time.
  • Cost-free shipping to anywhere in the United States.
  • Quick delivery. We normally ship the same day the order is placed, and we use UPS, so you know your products are in good hands.
  • Hassle-free ordering. You can use either our easy-to-browse website or call our toll-free number, whichever is best for you.
  • Friendly customer service experts take care of you both during the sales process and beyond.

With all these benefits, why not order your new Fastdry HK 1800CA dryers today? 

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