Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station: Comparisons

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better changing station than one made of stainless steel. Hygienic, easy to clean, aesthetically appealing, and most importantly, sturdy and safe, the stainless steel baby changing station is a must if your customers have little ones in tow.

Currently, we offer four unique styles of the stainless steel baby changing station. Check out the different features of each, and see which fits your needs and budget best:


One of our lower-priced stainless steel changing stations, this Koala brand product boasts a stainless steel exterior and a large changing space. Its grey trim is ideal for all color palettes, and its interior surface is coated with an easy-to-clean material that resists bacterial growth.


A slight variation of KB200-01SS, this Koala changing station boasts the same stunning stainless steel exterior, this time with a stark white granite trim. If you serve a higher-end clientele, this can be just the station you need to give your restroom an extra dose of class.


This is our premier stainless steel baby changing station, which boasts an 18-gauge brushed satin steel exterior. Perfect for small spaces, this station’s vertical-style design is both compact and sturdy. It even includes a built-in liner dispenser for added sanitization.


Really need to save on real estate in your restroom? Then this is the model for you. Completely recessed and built into your wall, this changing station only takes up space when in use. And with a durable and sturdy brushed stainless steel material, it adds safety, as well as aesthetic appeal, to your facility.

Are you considering a stainless steel baby changing station for your business? Let Allied help. With free shipping across the United States and a guaranteed price-matching policy, you won’t find a lower price anywhere on the web. Contact us today!

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