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Why You Should Consider Toto Hand Dryers for Your Restrooms

Toto hand dryers are perhaps the best-kept secret in the commercial restroom products industry. They offer all the benefits you would expect from a top-of-the-line brand, yet their price points make them a budget-smart choice for facilities of all types. Here is why: • Toto hand dryers dry users' hands in as little as 12 seconds. This enables them to [...]
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Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers Are a Great Investment

Eco-friendly hand dryers are a great investment for any modern business. They free you from the endless costs and hassles associated with paper towels, while enabling you to promote good hygiene and better health in your facility. Plus, by ordering from Allied, you’ll get the lowest possible prices, speedy shipping, sturdy packaging, and a huge selection from which to [...]
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High Speed Hand Dryers Versus Paper Towels: Here Are the Facts

High speed hand dryers offer benefits that paper towels just can’t match. That’s not just our opinion. It’s the verdict of science-based studies that have compared both products side by side. This body of research has created volumes of evidence that the paper towel industry doesn’t want you to know about. Here are a few examples: • Paper towels are a [...]
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Why the Dyson Tap Is the Ultimate Hand Dryer

The Dyson Tap is the ultimate hand dryer. This innovative product provides a truly revolutionary way for your restroom patrons to enjoy all the benefits of modern sanitary hand drying. And you’ll love the excellent pricing, quick delivery, and superior customer support you’ll get when you order from Allied, the leader in the commercial restroom products industry.What Makes the Dyson Tap [...]
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Our High Speed Hand Dryers Outdo Paper Towels Every Time

One great thing about technology is how it’s always improving certain products. Take modern high speed hand dryers,for example. They are vastly superior to older models, even those only a few years old. That’s an important point to remember when comparing these energy-efficient units to paper towels. You see, most of the studies that favor paper towels over high speed [...]
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Allied Carries Many ADA Compliant Hand Dryers

Allied sells a wide variety of ADA compliant hand dryers for our customer’s convenience. Anyone who owns or manages a commercial facility knows the importance of complying with the regulations laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Failing to do so not only exposes your organization to litigation, it can also result in hefty fines and create a negative [...]
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Commercial Hand Dryers: The Choice for Environmentally Responsible Organizations

Commercial hand dryers are not just affordable and convenient, they’re a perfect choice if you’re looking to make a positive impact on the environment. Here’s why we say that:• Our commercial hand dryers include a high percentage of recyclable components. Years from now, after their useful life is over, recyclers can use their components to build new items. Compare this [...]
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Three Reasons to Choose a Motion Sensor Hand Dryer for Your Public Restrooms

A motion sensor hand dryer may be the solution to the challenge of making your restrooms more convenient for users while promoting good health throughout your facility. Here is why:1. A motion sensor hand dryer requires no pushbutton to complicate the design or give germs a gathering spot. Many of our customers prefer these advantages to other designs.2. Our manufacturers build [...]
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