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Need a Daycare Changing Table? Why Horizontal Changing Tables Are Best

Horizontal baby changing stations are a necessity for a daycare changing table. Caregivers of young children have come to expect this practical convenience when it's time to change multiple young babies. And while all of our changing tables offer great benefits, horizontal tables provide a superior changing experience, making them the product of choice for a daycare changing table. [...]
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A Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station Is Perfect for Men’s Bathrooms

You already know that a wall mounted baby changing station is a common sight in most public ladies’ bathrooms. But did you know that more and more locations are installing these useful products in men’s bathrooms as well? Business owners and facility managers have discovered the many benefits to their organizations that come from this smart practice. The advantages include: • [...]
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Are Recessed Baby Changing Stations Right for Your Restrooms?

Recessed baby changing stations are ideal for image-conscious establishments that want to offer their clients the benefits of modern, sanitary diaper-changing facilities while flattering their restroom’s décor. By ordering these great products from Allied today, you’ll enjoy added perks like super-fast shipping, unbeatable pricing, and a great selection from which to choose. Here are three reasons why recessed baby changing stations [...]
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Oval Baby Changing Stations Offer Stylish Convenience at a Great Price

Our oval baby changing stations offer not only practicality but also beautiful design. This makes them ideal for image-conscious establishments that want to flatter their restroom’s décor by offering real benefits to their customers. Order these products from Allied today to enjoy premium advantages that will put you ahead of your competitors.A Heritage of Artistic Beauty That’s Thousands of Years OldSoftly curving [...]
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How to Install Recessed Baby Changing Stations

Recessed baby changing stations are an excellent option for image-conscious establishments. These products are designed to fit flush with the surrounding wall, reducing their visual footprint while simplifying maintenance. Plus, when you order from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits like our unbeatable low-price guarantee, super-fast free shipping to all US addresses, and a level of customer care that has become [...]
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New Federal Law Requires Baby Changing Stations in Men's Restrooms

Businesses across the country take note: now you’ll be able to perform changing duties for your little ones without using a dirty restroom floor or going back outside to your car. On October 7 of this year, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) Act. The law stipulates that public federal buildings must offer [...]
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Are Restaurants Required to Have a Baby Changing Station?

Our customers often ask us if restaurants are required to have a baby changing station. While there are currently no laws mandating changing stations, good business practice and common sense says that installing these products in your restrooms is a smart move. Here’s why: Today’s parents are busier than ever before. Between work, school, social [...]
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Baby Changing Stations for Public Restrooms Draw Families to Your Business

Having baby changing stations for public restrooms in your business isn't just good for your customers with small children - it can also be great for your business! This is especially true in these economically challenging times, when many businesses are squaring off against both brick-and-mortar competitors and online firms. A little boost for your [...]
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