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Hygienic Electric Hand Dryers

How Hand Dryers Promote a Hygienic Restroom   As you solidify plans to build or renovate a commercial restroom, the question of hand dryer vs. paper towels may loom large. Let us save you some inner turmoil by recommending, with...

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Energy Saving Hand Dryer

The True Impact of an Energy Saving Hand Dryer

The True Impact of an Energy Saving Hand DryerWhen you hear “energy saving hand dryer,” you know one thing: it’s a product that can save you in electric costs. But just how much can it save you? And what other benefits can the dryer offer? That’s a little more vague.We’re here to clear the air. Are you [...]
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208/240 Volt Hand Dryers

208/240 Volt Hand DryersTired of buying, restocking, and refilling paper towels all the time? Sick of using all your hard-earned resources on paper products? Want to cut down on your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly? Then these 208/240 volt hand dryers may be the ticket.Why 208/240 Volt Hand Dryers?Not only can they save you up to 95 percent [...]
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Keep the Noise Down With Our Quiet Hand Dryers

We carry many quiet hand dryers that are ideal for noise-sensitive surroundings. These products deliver all the benefits you demand from high-powered modern units without the roar and din you might expect. Here are just a few of the many features they offer:Built-in noise adjustment features that enable you to fine-tune the unit’s performance to your exact needs, whether you run [...]
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Electric Hand Dryers: Pushbutton Versus Automatic Models

We’re proud to sell both pushbutton and automatic  electric hand dryers. Each has its own set of advantages and considerations. Here are a few basic facts of each type to help you make the right choice for your facility: Pushbutton hand dryers require only a gentle tap to begin pouring out generous amounts of warm, hygienic air. This simplifies their design and [...]
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Why Choose Electric Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?

Electric hand dryers have paper towels beat in every major category of comparison. That’s the verdict of countless studies that have compared the two drying methods side-by-side. The results speak for themselves:Modern electric hand dryers dry hands in as little as seven to eight seconds. Compare that to paper towels, which require as long as 30-60 seconds to fully remove [...]
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