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Wall Mounted Baby Changing Stations Are Changing the Way We Parent

Wall Mounted Baby Changing Stations Are Changing the Way We ParentIf there's a wall mounted baby changing station in a public restroom, you might not even notice it. In today’s world, they’ve become the norm for bigger establishments, particularly in women’s restrooms. But just a few decades ago? These tools were virtually unheard of. Parents were forced to change [...]
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Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station: Comparisons

Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station: ComparisonsYou’d be hard-pressed to find a better changing station than one made of stainless steel. Hygienic, easy to clean, aesthetically appealing, and most importantly, sturdy and safe, the stainless steel baby changing station is a must if your customers have little ones in tow.Currently, we offer four unique styles of the stainless steel baby [...]
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6 Considerations When Choosing a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

Selecting a wall mounted baby changing station isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds of brands and models to choose from, and your customers (and their little ones) are relying on you to pick the right one.While there’s no fixed formula we can give you to determine what station’s right for your business, we can certainly point you in [...]
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Recessed Baby Changing Stations Save Precious Space

Recessed baby changing stations offer a space-efficient option for customer-conscious facilities. As you know, the retail, family dining, and personal service sectors of the economy are more competitive than ever before. Ensuring your organization's survival requires ensuring the best possible customer experience. This includes offering parents of young children the benefits of safe, sanitary diaper changing options. But many public restrooms [...]
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Koala Changing Tables Offer Real Value

Koala changing tables offer real value at a great price. They are an affordable way to get your valued clients and customers all the benefits of modern, sanitary diaper changing options. Combine the prestige of the Koala name with the low pricing and superb service of Allied, and it’s easy to see why investing in these superb products makes [...]
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A Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station Is Perfect for Men’s Bathrooms

You already know that a wall mounted baby changing station is a common sight in most public ladies’ bathrooms. But did you know that more and more locations are installing these useful products in men’s bathrooms as well? Business owners and facility managers have discovered the many benefits to their organizations that come from this smart practice. The advantages include: • [...]
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Get a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station for Your Church

A wall mounted baby changing station is a great addition to any place of worship. While different denominations may have differences in beliefs, they all have one thing in common: babies. You can make services easier for patrons by installing a wall-mounted baby changing station.If you’re in the initial planning stages of getting your own [...]
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How to Choose between a Countertop or Wall-Mounted Daycare Changing Table

Allied carries daycare changing table models in a variety of designs to match any restroom layout. In this post were going to look at how you can decide whether to choose a countertop or wall mounted model for your building.How Countertop Models WorkCountertop changing tables are designed for quick, easy mounting in restrooms where space [...]
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Is a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table Safe? The Answer Is Yes

Occasionally we hear from people concerned about the safety of a wall mounted baby changing table.Usually these concerns fall under two categories: Worries about the unit’s cleanliness. Concerns over its stability.We’re happy to address these matters in this blog post. As you’ll see, there is no reason to worry about using a properly installed wall [...]
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