The 7 Best Koala Kare Changing Stations for Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant? Have you ever wondered how to choose the best baby changing station for your customers and your business? Perhaps, you should consider the koala kare baby changing station. With so many options, it’s easy to see why this can be such a difficult decision. From space-saving designs to eco-friendly models, making the right choice can be quite a challenge. Koala Kare is the most trusted brand of baby changing tables and we’ll help you narrow down the top models.

 KB208-01, Koala Grey Oval Baby Changing Station - Horizontal

Another popular choice is the KB208-01 Koala Grey Oval Baby Changing Station. This horizontal changing table is both stylish and functional and thanks to its eye-catching design and complementary neutral color. Made with Microban technology, this changing station is resistant to bacteria and odors, both of which are tremendously important in a restaurant setting.

KB110-SSRE, Koala Recessed Horizontal Stainless Steel Baby Changing Table

 If you’re interested in a sleeker baby changing station to match your restroom décor, look no further than the KB110-SSRE Koala Recessed Horizontal Stainless Steel Baby Changing Table. With its recessed design, this changing station blends in seamlessly and can be quickly and easily mounted into a recessed opening. In addition, the Koala Recessed Stainless Steel Baby Changing Table is composed of 56% recycled materials and is LEED credit eligible.

KB101-01, Koala Vertical Gray Baby Changing Station

 As a restaurant owner, you may be looking to upgrade your existing fixtures and the KB101-01 Vertical Gray Baby Changing Station is the perfect choice. Folding down vertically, the KB101 is secured by metal-on-metal hinge mechanisms for the ultimate in performance.  

Koala KB200-05SS, Horizontal Stainless Steel Insert with White Granite Trim

 Similar to the above-mentioned KB200, the Horizontal Stainless Steel version is both sturdy and stylish. Made with FDA-approved Microban, you can be sure your restaurant guests will feel safe and secure when using this baby changing station. Its sleek finish is made of durable stainless steel and a brushed satin finish distinguishes it from the KB200 and making it perfect for nearly any setting.

 KB208-14, Koala Sandstone Oval Baby Changing Station – Horizontal

 The KB208 is supported by reinforced steel hinges and can easily support up to 50 pounds. Designed specifically for surface mounting, the Koala Sandstone Oval Baby Changing Station is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware. The Koala Sandstone changing table puts safety first, meeting all ASTM load requirements and is backed by a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

 KB101-00, Koala Vertical Cream Baby Changing Station

 The Koala Vertical Cream Baby Changing Station comes convenient features like a built-in liner dispenser and bacteria resistant Microban technology. This changing station features a cream-colored exterior that looks good in any setting. The changing station also features reinforced metal hinges and controlled opening and closing thanks to a pneumatic cylinder. Made with 46% recycled materials, the KB101 is eco-conscious and LEED Credit eligible.


KB111-SSRE, Koala Recessed Vertical Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station

 Another high-end, eco-friendly option is the Koala Recessed Vertical Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station. The stainless steel finish adds a sophisticated look to any space. A semi-recessed style, the KB111-SSRE is designed to fit into a wall frame of at least 4” inches deep. The innovative design of the Koala Recessed baby changing station makes it ideal for spaces that have recently undergone renovation, allowing for a more complete customization.


All Koala baby changing stations are designed with quality in mind and are rigorously tested to comply with government standards and perform flawlessly for many years. Each changing station is backed by Koala’s 5-year warranty against workmanship or material defects. The majority of baby changing stations are LEED credit eligible, making them the perfect solution for your restaurant business as well as the environment.

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