The Best Selection of World Dryer Replacement Covers

World Dryer Replacement Covers

World Dryer is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality automatic hand dryers and is one of the industry’s most trusted brands.

These durable dryers are built to withstand years of regular use. However, there may come a time when you need to replace the cover on your World Dryer unit. Whether the cover has been damaged by vandalism or is worn from repeated use, choosing a suitable replacement cover has never been easier.

Made from heavy-duty cast iron, each replacement cover is finished in glossy white enamel, polished steel, or brushed stainless steel, though other colors are periodically available.


Automatic and Push Button Dryers to Suit Your Needs

World Dryer replacement covers are designed to fit a variety of popular push button and automatic start models including:

  • Model A part numbers WDP-70-A5-974 (push button) and WDP-70XA5-XA5-974 (automatic)
  • Model B Airstyle Hair Dryer part number WDP-70-B-974
  • Model M Airmax part number WDP-70XM5-XM5-974

Additionally, replacement covers are available for both surface mount and recessed mount dryers. All recessed hand dryer models are ADA compliant and come with all the tools necessary for routine maintenance and part replacement.

World Dryer replacement covers are available in a variety of finishes to match any restroom décor, making this the perfect option when completing renovations. Replacement cover finishes include Cast Iron White Enamel, Cast Iron Black Enamel, Steel White Enamel, Stainless Steel Brushed, and Stainless Steel Polished.

For the best selection of genuine World Dyer replacement parts, Allied is a trusted source. All automatic hand dryers and authentic replacement parts are backed by Allied Best Price Guarantee.

If you find a lower price within a year of purchase, Allied will refund the difference. From expert advice to free and fast shipping on a huge selection of hand dryers and replacement parts, contact Allied customer service at 800-535-4393.

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