The History of the World Dryer Brand

The World Dryer brand has a long and proud history. If you're looking for warm-air hand dryers built by an established, reliable firm, then you won't go wrong with the World Dryer line. Here's a quick overview of this award-winning company.

A Leader Since the Beginning

World Dryer got its start in 1950 with the introduction of the Model A, their original hand dryer design for commercial use. The Model A featured rugged internal components and a durable cast-iron exterior. In 1955, World Dryer began exporting its American-made products to nations around the world.

Fast forward to 1987, when World Dryer again led the way by introducing its first sensor-activated automatic dryers. In 1992, World Dryer merged with the Electric-Aire company. In 2000, they acquired the NOVA brand of commercial restroom products.

As the 21st century dawned, World Dryer introduced the Air Max, a high-speed unit that set new standards for user comfort and performance. In 2008, the company unveiled its Airforce line of ultra-high-efficiency hand dryers. The Airforce family of products remains a popular choice for organizations of all types.

As of the 2010s, World Dryer has harnessed advanced technology to develop compact new designs that require less wall space than ever before. At the same time, improved electric motors and high-efficiency heating units have slashed operating costs associated with modern warm air hand drying. These innovations led to World Dryer releasing the Smartdri in 2010 and the Slimdri in 2011.

The company's latest creation is the VMax, a truly cutting-edge hand dryer that maximizes user comfort and restroom hygiene. World Dryer plans to continue its mission to build outstanding products for its many customers.

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