Energy Saving Hand Dryer

The True Impact of an Energy Saving Hand Dryer

When you hear “energy saving hand dryer,” you know one thing: it’s a product that can save you in electric costs. But just how much can it save you? And what other benefits can the dryer offer? That’s a little vaguer.

We’re here to clear the air. Are you considering an energy saving hand dryer for your facility? Here’s the true impact it can deliver:

  • Money — When compared to paper towels, an energy saving hand dryer can reduce your costs by up to 95 percent. Over other electric hand dryers, it can save as much as 80 percent. Over the life of your business, that can mean thousands — or even tens of thousands — in saved funds.
  • Energy output Energy saving hand dryers are designed to use as little electricity and natural resources as possible. Unlike paper towels, they don’t require thousands of trees and gallons of water to produce, and they don’t end up in landfills, contaminating the soil or releasing methane into the environment.
  • Taxes — An energy saving hand dryer may be able to qualify your building for LEED credits. With enough credits, you could seek LEED certification, which comes with serious tax incentives, rebates, and credits. That can mean even more saved cash over time.
  • Frustration Today’s consumers are in a hurry. They want to get in and out the door quickly, and they don’t want to waste a second of their valuable time. Energy saving hand dryers making serving these fast-paced customers easier than ever. With drying times of 10 seconds or less in some cases, customers enjoy an extremely efficient, fast-tracked restroom experience every time.

Want to save cash, energy, and frustration and increase your eco-friendliness? Then an energy saving hand dryer is the way to go. Check out our selection of energy-efficient hand dryers now, or get in touch with the Allied team for help finding the perfect product.

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