Some Facts About Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Some Facts About Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Vandal-resistant hand dryers may be the solution you’re looking for if you own or manage locations like highway rest stops or public restrooms in troubled areas. Allied offers a number of models that are made to resist even determined efforts at sabotage or defacing. We also provide excellent pricing, fast shipping, and a number of other customer benefits.

Some Sobering Facts About Public Vandalism

Law enforcement agencies report that vandalism is the most commonly reported crime in the United States, costing significant damage each year. And electric hand dryers are a prime target for these criminals. Some of the ways that dryers are destroyed or damaged include:

  • Denting or removing the exteriors.
  • Inserting metal objects into the inner workings to cause short-circuits.
  • Removing or marking over instruction labels.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the properties you care for have been desecrated by those with no respect for other’s well-being. That’s not to mention the burdensome costs associated with cleaning up and repairing the actions of vandals. Yet, due to the very nature of the crime, public vandalism is rarely punished. This alone encourages it to spread.

The good news is that Allied offers vandal-resistant hand dryers with features like these:

  • Tough exteriors made of steel and other durable materials.
  • Metal shields that block access to inner workings.
  • Industrial-grade wiring and other components that can endure heavy use and even abuse.

Shopping with Allied also provides additional benefits such as:

  • Free, fast shipping to anywhere in the 50 states.
  • A quality selection of products in all price ranges.
  • Our unbeatable low-price guarantee.
  • A variety of ordering methods for your convenience.
  • Excellent customer care available through email or our handy toll-free number.

If you’re in the market for vandal-resistant hand dryers, diaper changing stations, or other restroom products, then take a moment to browse our site or contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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