Wall Mounted Baby Changing Stations Are Changing the Way We Parent

If there's a wall mounted baby changing station in a public restroom, you might not even notice it. In today’s world, they’ve become the norm for bigger establishments, particularly in women’s restrooms. But just a few decades ago? These tools were virtually unheard of. Parents were forced to change their babies’ diapers on toilet seats, public sinks, or dirty bathroom floors. Either that, or they'd have to stay home altogether.

Wall mounted baby changing stations have truly changed the way Americans parent, and that's because they offer:

  • More mobility — Parents can more easily leave their home with little ones in tow. They’re not limited to their own four walls, and they can give their children the gift of experiences and socialization out in the real world.
  • Added safety and hygiene — No more changing diapers on dirty, germ-infested surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in months. Most wall mounted baby changing stations are made of anti-bacterial materials, boast built-in wipes and liners, and are extremely sturdy, keeping wriggling infants safe and secure during the entire change.
  • More convenience and comfort Taking a baby out in public was enough to send an anxious parent running for the hills a few decades ago. Is getting the grocery shopping really worth changing an infant or toddler in a public restroom? Now, moms and dads can go about their daily business without worry.
  • More parenting parity — Thanks to new laws (i.e. New York City’s!) that require buildings to have changing stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms, either parent can finally get a little help with diaper duty.

Modern parents don’t know how good they have it. Thanks to wall mounted baby changing stations, parenting is easier and less stressful no matter where you go. Want to ensure that you’re offering your parent customers that convenience and comfort? Then shop our line of changing stations now, or contact us today!

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