We Sell Good Dryers for Cheap, Not Cheap Hand Dryers

We Sell Good Dryers for Cheap, Not Cheap Hand Dryers

Google the term “cheap hand dryers” and you’ll run across two different types of products.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Models made with inferior components and shoddy craftsmanship that have uncertain life spans. While these cheap hand dryers may not cost much, most people who buy them find the trouble they cause is much worse than the few dollars saved.
  2. High-quality products built with care and attention to detail. Their low cost is due to the seller exercising strong buying power and cutting margins on each unit in favor of high volume. This way the merchant earns a fair profit and the customer gets a good deal in the process. Everyone wins this way.

Here at Allied, we only sell the second kind of “cheap hand dryers,” backed by rock-solid warranties and the best customer service anywhere. That’s your assurance that you’re always getting an excellent deal no matter which of our models you invest in.

Our Recommended Brands

For those on a budget who want to provide the benefits of warm-air hand drying to their clients or employees, we recommend the following brands:

  • The Excel hand dryer line. Combining low cost with superior performance, these units are built of heavy-duty components to last for years. Their lack of frills, no-nonsense designs, and attractive prices make them practical choices for any locations.
  • The Xlerator hand dryer line. These affordably priced units are built by World Dryer, which has been providing the market with top-quality products for decades. You’ll enjoy top-of-the-line features from the Xlerator hand dryer like 10-15 second drying times, 80% energy savings when compared to competing models, and 95% cost savings versus paper towels. These units may be moderately priced, but there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about their performance.
  • World Airforce dryers. You won’t find anything cheap about the build, quality, or features of these units. Fast drying times, touch-free operation, and resilient housings are just some of the many benefits they provide. If you’re looking for dryers that combine outstanding service with reasonable prices, then you won’t go wrong with World Airforce.

Why Cheap Hand Dryers Outperform Paper Towels

Some debates go on long after the truth has been settled. Take the old paper towel vs. electric hand dryer discussion as an example. Some people still think that stiff, wasteful, germ-attracting paper products are the best choice. A wealth of scientific data, however, shows just the opposite. Today’s eco-friendly hand dryersoffer a wealth of benefits that towels just can’t match. Consider the following:

  • Hand dryers don’t blow germ-filled air around restrooms. This rumor has been around so long that it’s acquired the status of an urban legend. However, facts show this myth is false. For example, germs need a moist environment to thrive, and usually one that’s cool. Hand dryers, however, are dry on the inside and generally very warm due to the presence of heating elements. Used paper towels, though, are moist, cool, and reside in dark trash cans—perfect environments for pathogens.
  • Hand dryers are good for the environment. Studies show that paper makes up about 40% of waste in landfills. Used paper towels can’t be recycled, meaning they represent dead waste that serves no purpose after being discarded. Plus, manufacturing paper towels requires large amounts of trees, water, and forms of power that add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. In contrast, hand dryers can be used multiple times, consist of highly recyclable components, and cost almost nothing to operate.

Add up the facts and the truth is clear: today’s cheap hand dryers from Alliedare the best choice for your budget, your facility, and the environment. Find out more by browsing the selections here on our site. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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