Which World Hand Dryer Model Should You Choose?

One of the best things about the World hand dryer line is its versatility. The specialists at World Dryer have designed a full range of products to meet the sanitary hand drying means of almost any type of facility. Here’s a look at some of their most popular models:

  • The Airspeed World hand dryer is perfect for noise-sensitive environments like nursing homes, hospitals, research facilities, and libraries. It has a brush-free motor, internal thermostat with auto-off safety function, extra-long motor life, tamper-resistance screws, and an available recessed kit. The Airspeed is protected by a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Model A World hand dryers are the company’s standard line. They are unbeatable for general use in all types of settings. The Model A series is built with great features like your choice of push-button or button-free operation, low sound levels, fast drying times, construction from rugged materials, and low-profile design for space savings. The Model A series delivers 200 ft.³ of air per minute, enabling these units to serve more users in less time. These are among the most popular World hand dryer products we sell.
  • The Smartdri World hand dryer line brings warm-air hand drying into a new era. These products use 40 percent less energy than competing models, dry hands in as little as 10 seconds, offer three motor speeds for customizable performance, and provide a rugged, attractive exterior made with your choice of aluminum, stainless steel, or cold rolled steel finished with epoxy paint. Add in touch-free operation and a compact unit size, and you can see why the Smartdri series lives up to its name.
  • For a truly first-class hand drying experience, you can’t beat the VMax World hand dryer. These units are ideal for upscale locations with discerning clientele. They offer ultra-fast 10-second drying times, built-in HEPA filters with odor neutralizing technology, germ-fighting antimicrobial surfaces, and removable collection trays that prevent dirty wastewater from splashing on your walls or floors.

These are just a few of the models in the World hand dryer line. Browse our site to find out more.

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