Why Customers Prefer a High Speed Hand Dryer

It seems technology is always making things better. Take commercial hand drying, for example. A modern high speed hand dryer offers benefits that antiquated older models just can’t match. Here’s what we mean:

• A modern high speed hand dryer can do the job in as little as 9-10 seconds, as opposed to older units that commonly take 30-45 seconds. This means shorter waiting lines in your restrooms, happier customers and employees and a better environment in your facility.

• A modern high speed hand dryer is more pleasant to use than obsolete products from the past. Restroom patrons love how the powerful blower motor literally wipes moisture away within seconds, at a performance and comfort level that scratchy, ecologically wasteful paper towels just can’t match.

• Modern high speed hand dryers can also save you money. Today’s units are far more energy-efficient than those built just a few years ago. Investing in these affordable cutting-edge products is a great way to enhance your bottom line while showing that you care about the environment. In fact, many high speed hand dryer models can help your organization qualify for LEED credits.

• Today’s high speed hand dryer models are more attractive than clunky, noisy older units. They’re designed in a variety of shapes and colors to match any restroom decor. Some models even allow you to have your company logo inscribed on the dryer body, which is a great way to increase your brand awareness and attract new customers.

Modern high speed hand dryer models offer a world of benefits, making them well worth considering. Plus, when you order these products from Allied, you’ll enjoy added perks like the guaranteed lowest prices of any Internet vendor, super-fast free delivery, sturdy packaging that ensures your order arrives in great shape and ready to install and exceptional customer service. So why wait any longer? Order your new high speed hand dryer models from Allied today, or contact us for more information.

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