Why the Dualflow Hand Dryer Is a Great Choice for Your Restrooms

Why the Dualflow Hand Dryer Is a Great Choice for Your Restrooms

The Dualflow hand dryer offers awesome drying power at a price almost any organization can afford. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing dryers or if you simply want to free your organization from the never-ending hassles of paper towels, then you won’t go wrong with the Dualflow hand dryer. Here are just a few of its many advantages:

  • Focused drying power. The Dualflow hand dryer doesn’t simply blast oxygen out of a nozzle. It emits focused waves of air designed to emulate the effect of using a butter-soft cotton towel to dry your hands. The experience is not just pleasant, it’s downright luxurious. Your restroom patrons will love the fact that you installed the Dualflow hand dryer in your facility — and so will you. Who knows? You might even purchase one for your home!
  • Sleek, streamlined beauty. Some people object to the utilitarian design of many electric dryers. You’ll never have this problem when you use the Dualflow. It’s designed from the ground up to flatter any restroom’s décor. And it’s a far better than the sight of germy, soggy paper towels overflowing your waste baskets and contaminating your floors and counters.
  • Long-lasting durability. The Dualflow hand dryer is a true long-term investment, one to enjoy just as much years from now as the day you first install it. Rarely can you find a product that offers so many advantages at such an affordable price.

Order your new Dualflow hand dryer from Allied today to enjoy these additional perks:

  • Unbeatable low pricing. We will happily match any web-based competitor’s price for any item we sell. You never overpay when you do business with us. We guarantee it. Plus, we offer special discounts for volume orders.
  • Easy ordering using either our website or by calling our handy toll-free number. We have optimized every step of the purchase process to make it not only effortless but also enjoyable.
  • Fast, free shipping to all U.S. addresses (except for P.O. boxes).

So, order your new Dualflow hand dryer or other product from Allied today for fastest delivery. 

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