Why We Love the Variable Speed Hand Dryer (And You Should Too!)

If you need flexibility — both in what your dryer does and how much it costs you — then the variable speed hand dryer is for you. A flexible, adaptable, and powerful appliance, variable speed dryers can be game-changing — for your customers, for your facility, and for your bottom line.

Here are just a few ways a variable speed hand dryer stands out from the pack:

You can control the noise output.

If dryer noise is interrupting your business or creating a distraction, a variable speed hand dryer lets you get it under control. Simply turn down the speed, and reduce the amount of noise your dryer produces. It only takes a matter of seconds, and the noise level can be lessened significantly.

You can lower its energy usage and its operational costs.

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on running your hand dryers every month? Need to cut back on the electric bill in the summertime? Lower your dryer’s speed, and decrease the amount of energy it consumes for each use. This will lessen your energy consumption (meaning you’re more eco-friendly!) and shrink your electric costs to boot.

You can speed up drying times as needed.

Anticipating high volume use for your restroom one night? Turn up the speed and ensure customers can get in, dry themselves, and be out faster and more efficiently. The more customers you can serve in less time, the better their overall experience will be (and the more revenue you’ll stand to make).

You can install them anywhere.

Most variable speed hand dryers are universal voltage, meaning they can operate off any existing circuit or wiring you have in place. There’s no need to call in an electrician to install a dedicated circuit, and you can easily take your dryers to whichever facilities you need in the future.

Interested in a variable speed hand dryer for your facility? Browse our models today, and contact us to place your order. Our dryers ship free to anywhere in the U.S., and we’ll gladly match any price you see on the web.

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