World Dryer Hand Dryer Parts (Free Shipping & No Sales Tax)

World Dryer Hand Dryer Parts (Free Shipping & No Sales Tax)

World Dryer Hand Dryer Parts

What happens when your automatic hand dryer is in need of repair or replacement? Some retailers only sell the dryer unit and offer little or no support when you need replacement parts. Others may not have the parts you need for your specific hand dryer.

If you own a World Dryer hand dryer, you might be wondering how easy it is to find replacement parts. Allied is a trusted automatic dryer retailer with a huge selection of hand dryer replacement parts. From automatic or push-button models to those with brush or brushless motors, we offer a range of filtration parts, sensor and control boards, drip trays, and other essential parts that minimize downtime and keep your drying operating at peak efficiency. Take a look at just some the World Dryer Parts carried by Allied.


Filtration Parts


Most modern dryers have sophisticated filtration technology to protect users from airborne pathogens and allergens. From coarse particulate filtration to HEPA filtration, automatic hand dryers use a variety of filtration types to keep the air as hygienic as possible. Some filtration parts are reusable and only need to be cleaned periodically, while others require replacement at regular intervals. If you’re in need of a filtration part replacement, Allied has an extensive selection of parts for nearly any automatic hand dryer.


Sensors and Control Boards


All automatic hand dryers are powered by sensors and control boards. These parts allow the dryer to function as intended and allow the dryer to be activated by the user. In addition, sensors and control board manage the dry cycle. Should one of these parts fail, it is important to get a replacement part as soon as possible. Some of the World Dryer-specific sensors and control boards we offer include:


  • Sensor/Circuit Board Assembly – part numbers WDP-16-230-120DAK, WDP-16-230-208DAK, WDP-16-230-208AK, WDP-16-240-208AK, WDP-16-230-120AK
  • Sensor/Circuit Board Kit No-Touch Dryers – WDP-16-230-120NTK, WDP-16-230-208NTK
  • Replacement Sensor Board for Airforce hand dryers – Part number WDP-49-200K
  • Control Board (PCB) for Airforce hand dryers – Part number WDP-16-200K
  • Replacement Sensor Board for SMARTdri hand dryers – Part number WDP-49-10108K


Timer Assembly Parts


Each dryer is equipped with a timer assembly that controls the drying cycle. This part works together with the sensor and control board to make the automatic dryer functional. If you need to replace the timer assembly on your World Dryer hand dryer, Allied stocks the following parts:

  • Switch Timer Assembly – Part number WDP-125, exclusively for dryers made in 1993 earlier
  • Timer Assembly for Airspeed Hand Dryers – Part numbers WDP-125-K, WDP-125A-K, WDP-113-CVK, WDP-125K-K


Other World Dryer Parts Carried by Allied


In addition to the parts already mentioned, Allied carries an extensive inventory of World Dryer maintenance and replacement parts. From replacement HEPA filters to tools needed to service tamper-proof dryer models, we can help you select the correct part for your needs. Here are just some of the additional World Dryer parts available from Allied:


  • Replacement wrench for tamper-proof cover screws – Part number WDP-204TP
  • SLIMdri< Tamper Proof Cover Wrench – Part number WDP-56-10092
  • World Dryer Switch Timer Assembly – Part number WDP-225, WDP-225A, WDP-225K, WDP-225F, WDP-225H
  • World Dryer Blower Motor Replacement – Part numbers WDP-210K, WDP-210AK, WDP-32-120K, WDP-32-230K
  • Motor for World Dryer Model J & J4 (Airforce) – Part numbers WDP-32-J120K, WDP-32-J240K


Owning a World Dryer hand dryer means you care about reliability and quality. That’s why Allied is the most trusted retailed or genuine World Dryer replacement parts. Our experts understand what it takes to keep your drying operational and we take pride in offering top-notch customer support along with fast and free shipping. You can be sure that you’re getting the best price on all parts thanks to our Price Match Guarantee. Contact the Allied pros at 800-535-4393 for specific part and pricing information.

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