World Dryer J-162 in Polished Black

The World Dryer J-162 in polished black makes modern hand-drying power affordable for any organization. These units offer a host of benefits at a great price. And, when you order your new J-162 dryers from Allied, you’ll also enjoy advantages, such as fast shipping, low pricing, convenient ordering, and superb customer service.

Here are just some of the features of the J-162 in polished black:

  • Superfast 12-second drying times, which prevent long waiting lines in your restrooms and serve more users in less time.
  • A gentle yet powerful 53 ft.³ per minute air velocity for comfort and efficiency.
  • Energy-sipping 1100 W power use makes this unit an environmentally smart choice.
  • Touch-free activation eliminates need for germ-laden start button.
  • Whisper-quiet operation makes this dryer an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments, including libraries, hospitals, and nursing centers.
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria from the surrounding air for health-boosting effects.
  • Polished black exterior makes this dryer a handsome addition to any restroom.
  • Compact dimensions make dryer easy to install while using only a minimum amount of wall space.
  • Multiple voltage settings make installation easy in virtually any location.
  • Your choice of hard-wired or wall plug options.

So order your new World Dryer J-162 in polished black from Allied today. You’ll appreciate the difference it makes, as will your employees and customers.

The Verdict Is In: Paper Towels Are Out

Don’t be fooled by misleading claims you may find on the Internet. Scientific studies prove that modern hand dryers offer unbeatable benefits when compared to paper towels. These benefits include:

  • Freedom from never-ending towel replacement costs.
  • Improved sanitation, no bacteria-filled soggy towels to fill up your waste containers or spill out on your restroom floors.
  • No need to store bulky boxes of nonrecyclable paper towels.
  • A significantly smaller carbon footprint; manufacturing hand dryers uses far less energy and other resources then chopping down trees to make paper towels.

So browse our site and place your order for your new warm-air hand dryers today. You’ll be glad you did.

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